Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Comfort Food

There's a nasty cold going around, and it finally caught me. At times like these, I crave some good ol' comfort food. Here are two – one old, one new.

When I was a child, one of my favorite meals was boxed macaroni-and-cheese – the kind flavored with an envelope of glowing orange powder. Now that I'm an aspiring vegan, I'm delighted to have discovered a worthy replacement: Mac & Chreese.

This product from Road's End Organics (www.chreese.com) is a delicious vegan version of that childhood favorite. It doesn't have that vivid, unnatural color - but you won't miss it. Mac & Chreese does have the same creamy, comforting texture, and a savory, familiar flavor.

My grown-up version of comfort food is green curry with tofu. Downtown Thai restaurant (www.downtownthai.com) in Winston-Salem makes a wonderful green curry. It’s spicy to start with; and with extra hot pepper added, it really does seem to work wonders as a tonic. But nearly any curry from any Thai restaurant will do the trick. Something about the combination of spices is magic.

Well, I'm going to go fix some Mac & Chreese now. Do you have a favorite vegetarian comfort food that you turn to when you’re under the weather? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Meanwhile, take care and stay well!


At 10/18/2006 6:00 PM, Blogger Countess said...

Once again, thanks for the tips on the mac and soy cheese and the Winston Thai restaurant.

I have a confession - I am not a kitchen kind of gal. I eat a lot of frozen/microwaved food. One of my favorite frozen food gals is Amy's, website: http://www.amys.com

As a child, my favorite comfort food was pizza. That has become extremely problematic as a vegan. Amy's has a good soy cheeze pizza and if you add some sliced jalapenos, black olives and fresh garlic, you've got comfort food. She also has a new rice crust spinach pizza with soy mozzarella and ricotta which I have not yet tasted. Sounds pretty incredible!

Her mac and soy cheeze frozen dish is my next favorite. Add some chopped or diced tomatoes for a "happy meal".

Make sure and take your echinacea and ginger and get well soon!


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