Friday, March 02, 2007

Veggie bites

*Harris-Teeter has started carrying a few new frozen vegetarian items, including Amy's spinach-tofu burritos, and LightLife pretzel-wrapped veggie dogs and "chicken" cordon blue. Unfortunately, they've made the shelf space by getting rid of other items, including a couple I was very fond of!

*My new craze is Earthbound Farm's organic fresh-herb salad mix. It contains parsley, cilantro and dill leaves along with the various lettuces, which add a nice, different flavor when you get them in a bite of your salad.

*I finally bought a package of fresh spinach a couple of weeks ago, my first since the E. coli outbreak. I used it in a recipe, though, so it was cooked.

*I recently came across Greenlight magazine, an online-only magazine devoted to "earth-friendly" living. You can get a free subscription and check out articles here.


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