Friday, June 15, 2007

Lunch at 6th and Vine

Working downtown, I sometimes head to 6th and Vine for lunch. It's a nice, relaxed place, and I've always been a fan of their grilled-vegetable salad and portabella panini sandwich. Julie and I went there earlier this week and were surprised to see that they have changed their lunch menu, making it more like their dinner menu. There are more vegetarian options now, especially salads. The grilled-vegetable salad is gone, which is sad. But there are many other unusual -- and yummy-sounding -- vegetarian salads now: nuts and berries; watermelon-and-strawberry: poached pear; baked goat cheese; oven-roasted beet; caprese. If I'm in the mood for a light (but filling) lunch, this is where I'm going to want to head. I've got to try most of those salads! (Not the beet one, though. Eeew, beets.)

You can also sometimes find vegetarian options in their daily specials -- soup, hummus, salad, risotta or flat pizza. Make sure you ask your server, though. The day we were there, the sage-and-shitake risotto sounded like it might be vegetarian, but it wasn't. The cream of asparagus soup, however, was vegetarian.



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