Friday, June 01, 2007

The sexiest vegetarian celeb, etc.

*PETA is having a poll in which you can vote for the sexiest male and female vegetarian celebrities. It was interesting to see which stars were on the list. (I felt a little out of touch because I didn't know who some of them were.) I wish they had termed it "favorite" instead of "sexiest," because some of the choices really don't fit the latter. I mean, I like Bob Barker and Weird Al Yankovic, but are they sexy? Not so much. I also found it interesting that there were more males to choose from than females, since females tend to more likely be vegetarian.

*My new favorite discovery is Breyers All Natural Creamery-Style chocolate ice cream. It's indeed creamy and chocolately, and what's even better, it's light ice cream, with "half the fat and 20% less calories than regular ice cream." It has 120 calories and 4g of fat per 1/2-cup serving, compared to 150 calories and 8g of fat in regular ice cream. What's interesting is that they seem to be trying to hide the fact that it's light, identifying it as such only in tiny, easily missable type. While I don't think I would confuse it with a high-fat premium ice cream like Ben & Jerry's, I wouldn't have known it was light ice cream by the taste. I've always been a fan of Breyers ice cream because it doesn't have a bunch of chemical additives. Its ingredients list is always pretty short, which is a good thing to look for. Generally, the shorter the ingredient list, the more natural a food is.

* There's a short article in the June issue of Natural Health magazine about plantable packaging. Some companies, such as Pangea Organics and Cargo Cosmetics, sell products whose boxes contain seeds. Soak the box in water for a bit, then plant them in your garden, and basil or amaranth will sprout in a few weeks. What a fabulous idea! It takes recycling to a whole 'nother level.


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