Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hot Dog!

As a vegetarian, for years I could only drool as I heard and read about the by-all-accounts-wondrous pretzel buns at Skippy's Hot Dogs. The Journal's Dinner Belle wrote a glowing review this spring, and still I yearned.

But that's all over ... because now Skippy's has veggie dogs! They’re not on the menu board yet, but they are there. The Chicago dog I had for lunch today -- with mustard, relish, dill pickle, tomato, banana peppers and celery salt (hold the onion) -- was tasty and satisfying. And the pretzel bun was just as delicious as I had imagined.

Skippy's was crazy-busy long after 1 o'clock, when the lunch rush has usually abated at downtown restaurants. But owner Mike Rothman, who also mans the grill, took a moment to talk about the veggie dogs.

Skippy's uses Morningstar Farms veggie dogs, which are vegetarian but not vegan, since they contain egg whites and dry milk. Rothman also realizes that vegetarians may growl if the veggie dogs are cooked on the same spot where the meat is cooked. So he is working on finding the best spot to grill them, either on the side of the grill where the pretzel buns are toasted, or in the area where the vegetables are heated.

I really appreciate that Skippy's has made the effort to include a vegetarian option, and I'll be back soon to try that Reuben dog.

Skippy's is at 624 W. Fourth St. in Winston-Salem. Their menu and other information is available online at www.skippyshotdogs.com


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