Friday, November 02, 2007

A burst of randomness

A few random items today:

*I'm extremely pleased that Lowes Foods has begun offering a "reward" of 50 greenpoints a bag when you bring in your own bags for grocery shopping. You'll need to be a member of their rewards-card club in order to take advantage. I've found that cashiers can be hit-and-miss about whether they give you the bonus, so you may need to remind them. Or you can stop by the customer-service desk and they'll add the points onto your account. I think this is a FABULOUS incentive, although they haven't done a good job at all of advertising it. I discovered it from a blurb in Natural Triad magazine.

*I wanted to share a link to my favorite vegan blog. The author, lindyloo, is prolific, irreverant and vastly entertaining, and she posts great photos of her vegan creations. However, if you're easily offended, this is definitely not the blog for you -- I can't even mention the name of the blog, if that tells you anything.

*This is Thanksgiving month, so here's an article reviewing three vegetarian Thanksgiving roasts. I'm definitely fonder of the Tofuky than the author of the review -- at least the roast part, because I think the Tofurky stuffing is dreadful to the point of being inedible.

*Speaking of Thanksgiving, reservations for the Triangle Vegetarian Society's Thanksgiving feast are now being taken. I really want to go to this one year....


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